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Every now and then I start my website over. The internet has changed so much these past couple of years so I thought I would begin something new. Mostly because I need some sort of output for my ideas. Twitter used to be a good place for me to share some short thoughts and observations. There used to be some good back and forth with other twitter users. Of course this has changed in the past years and I've found myself needing a place to share these ideas.

Not to say that these ideas will be any good. I mean I don't consider anything I did on twitter good but it doesn't need to be good. There was a point last year when I started writing again. It was for some blog posts about the birth of our first born. It was a great experience almost cathartic? not really but I head fun doing it.

I also plan on writing about certain projects I'm working on. For example I have a podcast with my wife and another photography project with a colleague.

So here goes nothing.

This article is my oldest. It is 186 words long