I'm a photographer and digital content creator that lives in the Metro West area just outside Boston, MA. I write about the stuff I'm working on here. Check out some of my projects and portfolio

oh hi

So what's going on? I've been busy with life & kids etc. Veronica and I are still doing podcasts at SVP.cool good place to keep up with the things we're working on. Portfolio is a mess, sorry.

What am I working on?

I've been doing some motion & web management work for Turn It Up World they're a travel blog couple. I've doing work on some of their video introductions as well as getting their web presence setup. Check out their Youtube Channel and Website.

I recently was asked to photograph the renovation progress of the church our family attends. I'll update this post with photos. I have given up on flickr, but still not happy with the low res of instagram.

Due to my job I've jumped into the deep end of network admin junk. I like it, but it's not instagramable creativity stuff.


I've been listening to:


This article is my 2nd oldest. It is 155 words long